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ProTools Teflon Hard Card squeegee / Racleta (SMT-3107)

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Raclete Fusion Hard Cards ce vin in 7 culori diferite. Culorile sunt asociate cu scala de flexibilitate in urmatoarea ordine: Albastru (fiind cea mai flexibila), roz, gri, negru, rosu, alb, auriu (fiind cea mai rigida). Toate racletele sunt infuzate cu un agent ce face alunecarea mai usoara pe suprafetele de lucru.

The Fusion Hard Cards come in 7 different colors. The colors are from most flexible to least flexible, Blue, Pink, Silver, Black, Red, White and Gold. All of our Hard Cards are infused with slip agents to help them glide across their working surfaces. The Blue and Pink are designed to be softer than the hard coating on most window films so that the tool will wear instead of the film.